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Current Classes

Web Update: The new Fall Schedule of HoopDance at Freedom Center begins: September 23rd — Sundays at 12:30p.
It's 15 minutes later than previous classtime.

$8.00 Door Fee for non-members
Hoopnotica-Certified Instruction sponsored by FAFC

Freedom Aquatic & Fitness Center

9100 Freedom Center Blvd.
Manassas, VA 20110

This class combines basic hooping with intervals of core strengthening.

HoopDance Session Information

Each class will be 60 minutes of movin' & groovin'—turnin' & churnin'—all to help you grow and flow your practice.

We'll cover everything from Earth to Sky…linking the transitions to enable you to grow your own unique and seamless hoopdance practice.

Sample Class Format

Week 1—Around & Above
(Waist & Hand Hooping—Floating & Lifting/Lowering)

Week 2—Connections & Transitions
(Waist/Hip—Neck—Angles—& More Hand Hooping)

Week 3—The Space Between
(Chest—Shoulder—Even More Hand Hooping Skills & Vertical Hand Hooping

Week 4—Off & On—Up & Down—Inside & Out
(Fancy Hand Hooping—Waist/Shoulder Transitioning—Thigh Hooping—Hoop Flow & Rhythm)

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Upcoming Class @ Sport and Health

Details to Follow

Sport & Health Club - Gainesville
7500 Limestone Drive
Gainesville, VA 20155
Ph: 703-753-1818
Registration Information: 703-753-1818




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