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“Find Yourself In The Hoop”

Tina B on fire!




Tina B rolls it over
Ms. Tina B. rolls it on over at Hoop Convergence 2010 in Carrboro, North Carolina. Photo by Allison Tarr of PositiveSpinHoops.com. Tina lives in Washington, DC.

Hi There. My name is Tina B (aka HooPurr) and I've got a little secret... You can Hoop Yourself Happy!

I've been teaching group fitness since I was 17. There are many different paths to fitness and I've taken most of them. Nothing prepared me for the first time I picked up a hoop in 2007 and discovered the amazing abundance of HoopDance benefits. In fact, my Fifty-Onederful-Year-Old self is such a believer that I continue to grow and share the expansive wealth of knowledge from my Hoopnotica HoopDance Certification by offering private instruction, group parties, performances and demonstrations.

Hooping is a beautiful, creative and transformative dance form. It can be used as a tool for fitness, meditation, or joyful self-expression. It can be seductive, playful, or incredibly energetic. More than anything else, it is SO MUCH FUN. I am honored to introduce you to the world of HoopDance. Come and Find Yourself in the Hoop®.

My email address is tinab@hoopurr.com. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line. Serving Northern Virginia.

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